Repair & Maintenance

LDR began as a home repair services company, and we haven’t forgotten our roots! Though we now offer a full range of services, including full renovations and remodeling, we are still one of the few contracting companies who do small home repairs.

 When we started this company, we had a simple but revolutionary idea – provide reliable, expert home repair services with professionals that say what they do and do what they say.

For far too long, the ‘handyman’ sector of home services has been a refuge for all manner of marginal operators who often didn’t have the knowledge, equipment or dedication to provide what consumers wanted and needed.  All too often homeowners would need to navigate pitfalls that began with phone calls not returned, no written estimates, over charges, lack of effective insurances and basic poor performance to get the smallest thing done in their homes.  We felt there was a better way.

Your experience with us begins with a phone call.  We maintain an actual office, with friendly staff that answers the phone when you call or gets back to you right away usually within a few hours. We schedule a time to come out to your home and see what you need done in person, roughly within a few day’s time.  Once we understand what your needs are, we email you a detailed written estimate for the work. After you approve the work, we’ll set a date for the repairs and send our award winning service staff to your home, on time, every time.  We always call if an emergency or unforeseen event occurs to make us late.

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We pride ourselves on our process and we believe that communication with our client is one of the most important benefits of using LDR for your home repair and remodeling needs.  Call us today for a consultation at (845) 227-3906 or use our web form.